Account Verifying Authority

Verified. To be or not to be?
  Why actually verify? Do I need it at all? Or it is not only about me, but rather about all the others..
  Recently, becoming more and more fake accounts across the entire realm of social networks. Whether for marketing purposes, where thousand of friends is a way how to thousands of people quietly and peacefully push information, or only for fun for those, who profit from your artistic or otherwise interesting personal photos or materials, maybe you are damaged and you do not even know it. Each of us is an original and others can only imitate you. One of the most common examples is that a profile of some person with whom you are writing is consisting only from photos downloaded from the Internet, but it not really determinable if the account is not verified.
  There is a lot of examples and reliable solution is only one - verify your account and disprove all speculations about your true identity forever. It is not only about protecting your intellectual property rights, verification daily helps to safely dating on the Internet worldwide. Technically, it is very simple, but due to sophisticated verification method indisputably provable.
  The whole process will take no more than 5 minutes, however you receive certificate of authenticity for 5 years. You never know when will your profile abused or copied to indistinguishable from yours.